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We traversed the country to luxurious boutique hotels, remote rustic cabins, an epic lakeside villa, a dome-shaped eco hotel and enjoyed magical hikes deep in the Swiss Alps. Let our entire Swiss experience elevate your vacation plans.

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  • Chalet Hotel Adler
  • Swiss Aegeri Villa
  • Anako Lodge
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Whitepod Hotel is a collection of 18 eco-luxury pods resting above the clouds at 4600 ft (1400 meters) in the Swiss Alps. The hotel aims to prove that hospitality and environmental conservation can coexist to create a unique and positive experience. The use of energy and water is controlled. The waste is recycled. Ingredients are purchased locally. Motorized transport is limited. All cleaning products are 100% biodegradable. The staff lives nearby and simply walks to work. By choosing Whitepod, you play an active role in this ecological mission.


Chalet Hotel Adler

Nestled in the small town of Kandersteg, Switzerland you will find Chalet Hotel Adler, a 5th generation family run hotel that includes rooms with indoor outdoor rolling whirlpool jacuzzis. The rooms are a traditional Swiss style, but with the click of a button your jacuzzi magically rolls out to your deck on tracks immersing you in 180 degree breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps. Your spa has been transformed and your vacation just got a bit sweeter. For the adventurous types, Chalet Hotel Adler is only 30 minutes (if you take the gondola) to the breathtaking views of Oeschinensee Lake and a half mile long, exhilarating toboggan run down the Swiss Alps.


Swiss Aegeri Villa

Resting at the water's edge of Lake Oberägeri with a 270 degree view of the Swiss Alps mountain range is a 4 story, ultra-modern rental...Swiss Aergeri Villa. This luxurious, 5-bedroom, 1600 ft2 (487 m2) lake-view villa includes a heated indoor lap-pool, fitness room, outdoor BBQ fire-pit, private beach and 4-story elevator. It is suitable for groups up to 8 - 10 people and can be rented out as whole house or per room.

  • 1 Person
  • 2 Nights


Anako Lodge

Anako Lodge is a rustic, remote getaway in Evolène, Switzerland that includes a group of 5 traditional Swiss cabins that have been completely modernized on the inside. Complete with multiple bedrooms, spiral staircases, and incredible living room finishes, you can enjoy a cabin experience with a twist of luxury. Oh, and did we we mention the 270 degree view of the Swiss Alps from every door and window?

  • 1 Person
  • 3 Nights

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